Photo Editor testing

1. Register and connect the following accounts: social networks – Facebook and
Instagram, messengers – WhatsApp and Telegram (if possible – connect other social
networks and the WordPress website).

2. Photo Library. Go to the Photo Editor page and find a photo library under the Upload
button. Check the available categories, open the categories, select the file you like
and open it in the editor.

3. Photo Editor. Test each of the editor functions, namely:
● filter;
● size;
● crop;
● align;
● text;
● stickers;
● dialogues; and
● logo.

4. Publishing edited photos on social networks. Schedule the publishing of edited
photos in the connected social networks. Check if they are displayed correctly in the
Preview mode and directly on social networks.

5. Photo Generator. Go to the Photo Editor page, click on the Photo Generator button
and test the foreseen functions. Publish the resulting image to the connected social

Test each of the items and report:

● overall impression of each section/function, what you liked and what you didn’t;
● presence of errors/deficiencies;
● proposals for improving the section, or adding additional features, if any.

Enter your results into Google form: