How does statistics work?

You can find statistics on posts published using POSTOPLAN in the Statistics section in the left side menu:

In this section, there are 2 graphs:

    • Published posts in the last 30 days;
    • Statistics for the specified period for selected accounts.

Published posts in the last 30 days” is a line plot of posts published for 30 days. When you hover the mouse cursor over the points on the graph, you can see the exact number of posts published in the selected day:

Statistics for the specified period for selected accounts contain data on likes, reposts, comments, as well as coverage (post impressions):

By default, the graph is constructed for the current month. You can manually select the required period in this field:

The graph shows general statistics for all connected accounts, but you can select the desired one from the drop-down list:

The exact numbers are available when you hover the mouse cursor over a point on the graph:

To hide an unnecessary line from the graph, click on the colored block at the top and the corresponding line will not be displayed in the statistics:

Download the statistics in Excel spreadsheet format or get it by email.

To do this, click on the “Excel Report” button in the upper right corner:

Select the method of receiving the report and click on “OK”:

How statistics are collected:

    1. For posts published for the last 3 days, statistics are collected every 3 hours.

    2. For posts published more than 3 days ago, the data is updated once a week, on the day of the week on which the post was published.

For which social networks statistics are collected?

Statistics are collected for Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter and LinkedIn Companies.