Функція ефективного таймінгу: як зробити публікацію ефективнішою

Optimal timing is a great option that can help make your social media posts more effective. Follow the instructions below to use it:

    1. Select “Schedule a post” in your personal cabinet: 

    1. Step 1. Select the accounts you wish to use and click the button “Forward”: 

    1. Step 2: Add your content (text, photos, videos, hashtags, emoji): 

    1. Step 3: You will see 3 boxes that suggest the best time for posting on the current day of the week. Click on one of them and the time will be set automatically:

    1. If you want to schedule the publication for another day of the week, select the desired day in the calendar:

The boxes will show the most effective time for the chosen day of the week: